Enrolling in Canvas Courses using Invite Links

NOTE: In enrolling canvas courses, we will be tackling the use of an invite link. These invite links are provided to you by your professors or any person with such authority at your school. There are other ways to be enrolled in Canvas courses such such direct email invitation but it won’t be discussed here.

This guide is divided into two (2) parts:

  1. Enrolling in Canvas using PC/Mac
  2. Enrolling in Canvas using Smartphone


STEP 1: Canvas Registration

If you are already registered to canvas, please skip to STEP 2. Click on the invite link your instructor provided you. On your browser window, you will see something like this:

Simply input your Email and SELECT “I am a new user“. Input your FULL NAME and don’t forget to CHECK the box to agree to Canvas’ policy. Again, take note that if you already have a canvas account, refer to STEP 2. Once all done, click on “Enroll in Course” button and it will take you to this page:

Click “Go to the Course” to view the course contents.

STEP 2: Enrolling to Course When You Already Have an Account

Before clicking on the invite link provided to you, you should log in to canvas first at this link. Once you logged in, you may now click on the invite link and it will take you to this page:

Once you’re on this page, click on the button “Enroll in Course“. If successful, you will be able to view the course contents. Click here to learn how to navigate the Canvas web app and Canvas Student app.

PART 2: Enrolling in Canvas using Smartphone

STEP 1: Installing Canvas Student app

Use the following links to download the app: 

STEP 2: Canvas Registration

Open your Canvas Student app. (NOTE: IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT, SKIP TO STEP 6). You will see something like this:

STEP 3: [IMPORTANT] Click on “Find my School”

In this step, you must input the word “canvas“. We assume you are using the free canvas, so your courses are hosted at canvas.instructure.com.

STEP 4: Registering Using Canvas Student App

To Register click on the bottom link. “Need a Canvas Account? Click Here, It’s FREE!

STEP 5: The Registration Page

The app’s webview is not responsive. You will see something like this:

Just pinch your screen to resize the view. Eventually, you will come up with this:

Click on “I’m a Student“. Something will pop-out. You may again need to resize your view.

Fill in the information. The join code will also be provided by your instructor. So please take note of it (HINT: The join code can also be found in the invite link). Lastly, click the checkbox to agree with canvas’ policy and click the button “Start Learning“.

You will be directed to your dashboard and under Courses tab you will find the course you enrolled in. If you are not sure, click here for the guide on how to navigate Canvas Web App and Canvas Student App.

STEP 6: If You Already Have a Canvas Account, Make Sure to Login Using a Browser (e.g. Chrome), NOT the Canvas Student App.

  • Login here
  • Then, click on the invite link provided by your instructor. (make sure it will be opened using the same browser you logged in your account)

Once you’re done. Take note of STEP 3 and STEP 4 in this guide to use the Canvas Student app.

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