Don’t Hire Digital Marketing Agencies — 9 Reasons Why

More and more people are staying online this 2020. Surely, you don’t want your business to be left out. You want to get a fair share of the quality leads that are accessible online.


  • There’s no guarantee you’ll produce a return
  • You’re not knowledgeable enough to make sound decisions
  • A growing business becomes harder to manage
  • Your products simply suck!
  • Your website hasn’t been updated for a decade
  • You are not comfortable sharing your business information
  • Budget constraint
  • Sometimes, a freelancer is enough to get it done
  • You don’t have clear goals.. yet
  • Conclusion

Heard of these marketing agencies existing decades ago? Of course, marketing agencies are already in business a long time ago. But what I will be talking about here right now are the digital marketing agencies. And the real question is, do you really need them?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against the digital marketing agency business model. In fact, I love them and I think most of them are doing a great job.

But what’s with the pessimistic title? Well, most digital marketing agencies are really good. They could produce results more than you could expect. But most of the time, the reason why you mustn’t be hiring them involves factors surrounding your business! Maybe, marketing agency services don’t suit your business well.

Here are 9 reasons why your business doesn’t need or not ready to embrace the services of a digital marketing agency:

1. There’s no guarantee you’ll produce a return

But it doesn’t mean otherwise when you decided to build an in-house marketing team. The problem that I’m trying to point out is your expectations.

Any investment brings with it risks. We’ll double your income.. they say. We’ll help you grow your business.. they say. All of these assertions may be true. But if they can double your income, surely, they can also double your loss.

When you happened to stumble upon a digital marketing agency that claims to guarantee a return, run away fast! There’s no guarantee.. never in earth’s history.

2. You’re not knowledgeable enough to make sound decisions

As an owner of a business, no matter how big or small it is, you must understand the implication of outsourcing your business’ digital marketing needs.

It’s practically no different from hiring employees for your business. When you hire an employee, you primarily want to know how good they will be. That will be the same for hiring a digital marketing agency.

If you have no idea about the services they provide, don’t just rush in and rely on their words. You must first educate yourself. Research the technical terms. Research what value could it possibly bring to your business.

3. A growing business becomes harder to manage

When you think you could lie all day in a couch when your business is booming, then think again.

You’re growing exponentially. You established so many relationships. And in a single mismanaged product or service, negative reviews kept pouring regarding how bad it is. This is tarnishing your reputation when there are already so many people seeing it.

4. Your products simply suck!

Before hiring a digital marketing agency, make sure you have solid products. No matter how good the agency is, when your clients and customers are seeing garbage, you won’t make a sale.

At the very least, you should have improved your products by getting customers’ feedback. But how could I acquire customer feedback when I don’t have customers because I don’t do marketing?

I didn’t say you don’t do marketing. You could market without an agency. And also you could acquire feedback from friends and family.

The resources supposedly spent on an agency should first be spent on product improvement.

5. Your website hasn’t been updated for a decade

I can’t even view it nicely in a mobile device. Mobile-friendliness is an integral part of search engine optimization (SEO).

When your website doesn’t have much content, it won’t be too much of a problem. Most of the digital marketing agencies are also web developers.

The problem will be is the migration of your data if your previous website contains a lot of information. As well as, it is very complicated. It also turns out that your chosen digital marketing agency doesn’t know how to properly migrate.

It will leave you to two choices. Hire a web developer who can do the job and incur additional costs. Or proceed with the old website (this won’t be a good idea).

6. You are not comfortable sharing your business information

You aren’t comfortable sharing business information.

Most of these agencies will ask about your long-term and short-term objects, your current revenue, your expected revenue increase after acquiring their service, historical data on past marketing campaigns, your vision mission, and also your brand.

Unless you wholeheartedly give the digital marketing agencies this information, they can’t bring out the best in your business.

And if you are hesitant, and you value more the confidentiality of your information by some certain reasons, then you might not consider hiring one because it may cost you more than reaping benefits.

7. Budget constraint

You simply don’t have the budget.

But when it comes to the point you could hire employees to take on slots in your marketing department, you must also consider hiring marketing agencies.

And the fact is, hiring these agencies costs less than hiring a complete team of full-time marketing employees.

8. Sometimes, a freelancer is enough to get it done

Yes, you have the budget. But sometimes your goals might be more efficiently achieved by hiring a freelancer, not a whole marketing agency.

Also, hiring a competent freelancer is easier. You can always check out freelancer sites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

The main advantage of hiring freelancers, of course, is they cost less. And sometimes produces better results than an agency.

9. You don’t have clear goals.. yet

Before hiring an agency, you must have crystal clear goals in mind. This helps you assess if investing in marketing is worthwhile for your business. Also, you can assess the performance of the agency to be a basis if you’ll still be working with them in the future.


Digital Marketing is but a part of marketing as a whole — but a significant one these days. In order to bring out the most value in your investment, you should always consider different factors surrounding your business. You could hire the best agency out there but it is still you who gets to decide whether your business will be successful or not.

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